Agripa Ngorima - Associate Collaborator

Agripa Ngorima is passionate about natural resources conservation and improving
livelihoods of local people. His main interests are socio-ecological systems and how natural
resources can be extracted sustainably. With more emphasis, he is interested in the
engagement of local communities to curb illegal wildlife trade. Currently he is working with Dr
Duan Biggs as an associate collaborator on the benefits African elephants provides to local
communities as a way of increasing incentives for stewardship. Having grown up in rural
Zimbabwe, he understood the nexus between natural resources and local communities from
an early age. He observed the pride and contentment which local communities had in the
management of natural resources. The passion he had for natural resources made him
study Forest Resources and Wildlife Management at National University of Science and
Technology in Zimbabwe. He further went on to study MSc in Environmental Science at
Rhodes University in South Africa, with emphasis on sustainable use of natural resources for
improving livelihood resilience of local communities in the Eastern Cape.