PhD Candidate
PhD Candidate at Griffith University
Environmental Futures Research Institute

Abi started her PhD in 2018 with the Environmental Futures Research Institute at Griffith University, under the supervision of Prof Hamish McCallum and Dr Duan Biggs of Griffith University and Dr Angela Dean of the University of Queensland (UQ). Her interests mainly lie with the conservation of iconic megafauna and animal welfare, particularly concerning the complexities of combatting the illegal wildlife trade. Her research explores the values and perceptions of key stakeholders in the debate concerning the feasibility and acceptability of different management interventions to combat rhino poaching.

Prior to commencing her doctoral studies, Abi worked for the Queensland government as a policy officer in the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries, Biosecurity Queensland. She gained employment with the government following the completion of her MSc (Conservation Science) by research at UQ, supervised by Prof Hugh Possingham, Dr Duan Biggs and Dr Angela Dean. Her Master’s research examined the influence of scientific information and participant values on attitudes towards legal rhino horn trade. Abi has a multi-disciplinary undergraduate background – firstly gaining a Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting) at UQ, before realising her true passion was with wildlife conservation and returning to pursue a Bachelor of Science (Zoology).

In her spare time, Abi has a love of books, coffee and all things dogs.



  • Brown, A., Dean, A., Possingham, H., Biggs, D. (2019). The role of animal welfare values in the rhino horn trade debate. Conservation Science and Practice, 1(11), e103. https://doi.org/10.1111/csp2.104