Rafaela Aragao - PhD Candidate

Supervisor: Dr. Duan Biggs

Co- Supervisor: Prof. Hamish McCallum

Rafaela is an environmental scientist with a huge enthusiast about environmental conservation. She started her PhD in 2019 with Environmental Futures Research Institute at Griffith University, under the supervision of Dr. Duan Biggs and Prof. Hamish McCallum. Her project focuses on understanding the role that information plays in supporting action among stakeholders to reduce deforestation in Brazil caused by the food supply chain. She will use mental models to get through how the information is viewed and perceived. During her research she will work closely to Trase, a supply chain transparency initiative of global agricultural commodities.


She holds a master degree in Science at Federal University of Sao Paulo, in which she explored water contamination by pharmaceuticals drugs, and her undergraduate background is in Environmental Management at University of Sao Paulo. Her work experience in Brazil allowed her to apply perception studies, using interviews techniques to make possible an improvement at educational public programs.  In her spare time Rafaela loves to hiking and going to the beach.