Julia van Velden - PhD Candidate
Supervisor: Kerrie Wilson
Co Supervisor: Hamish Maccullum

Julia is a PhD student with the Environmental Futures Research Institute at Griffith University and is generally interested in socio-ecological systems and sustainable resource extraction. She started her PhD project in 2017, investigating the spatial and social dynamics of the bushmeat trade in savanna systems of Africa. She is particularly interested in the use of social science theory to inform conservation problems and her research explores which interventions used to address bushmeat are best for reaching both conservation and development goals. This project is supervised by Prof Hamish McCallum and Dr Duan Biggs of Griffith University and Prof Kerrie Wilson of CEED. Before the start of her PhD, Julia completed her master’s degree in Conservation Biology at the University of Cape Town investigating the conflict between Blue Cranes and farmers in South Africa. She has also spent time working with the Mauritian Wildlife Foundation to conserve the endangered Pink Pigeon.