Karlina Indraswari - PhD Candidate

Supervisor: Clevo Wilson

Co- Supervisor: Connie Susilawati
External Supervisor: Duan Biggs

Karlina is originally from Indonesia and has always been passionate about finding solutions to the conservation issues. She is a firm believer that solutions to conservation issues require application of trans-disciplinary approaches and active collaboration between stakeholders from different backgrounds with a diversity of expertise. Karlina has an ecoloy background and has worked with biodiversity and forest monitoring, with community and livelihood based conservation issues, and now looks at solutions to tackle Indonesia's illegal wildlife trade. Karlina has worked with institutions such as Kanazawa University Japan, various universities in Indonesia, TRAFFIC, CIFOR and WWF.

Currently Karlina is a PhD student at The School of Economics and Finance at Queensland University of Technology, assessing the feasibility of a market based approach for the rampant illegal songbird trade in Indonesia. She is assessing whether captive-bred individuals can be used as a sustainable substitute for wild-harvested individuals, and then eventually creating a reduction in demand for wild birds.


Karlina is also knowledgeable in acoustic and soundscape monitoring mainly for frogs. In her spare time Karlina loves to rock climb, hike and go camping.