Niall Hammond - PhD Candidate

Supervisor: Duan Biggs

Co- Supervisor: Hamish McCallum

I’m an inter-disciplinary Conservation scientist interested in human-wildlife conflict, poaching and, more generally, socio-ecological systems. I began my PhD with the Environmental Futures Research Institute at Griffith University in 2019, under the supervision of Dr Duan Biggs and Prof Hamish McCallum of Griffith University. My research focuses on understanding the relationship between human-wildlife conflict and poaching, and also on how mental models can be applied to navigate environmental conflicts.

Before beginning my PhD, I completed my master’s degree in Conservation Science at Imperial College London. As part of this degree, I conducted a study on local stakeholder conflict resulting from a proposal to reintroduce Eurasian Lynx to northern England. This master’s degree led me to work for Panthera in India on a project building technical capacity within the anti-poaching teams in the Indian Forest Department.