Resilient Conservation at the Student Conference on Conservation Science - Australia

The Student Conference on Conservation Science is a series of events held around the world to foster capacity building for the next generation of conservation scientists. They are largely conducted by the student community in partnership with research and conservation organisations. These conferences are regularly held in the USA (New York City), UK (Cambridge), Hungary (Tihany), India (Bangalore), and Australia (Brisbane). The Australia conference has been held since 2013 and its third edition is taking place this year between the 2nd and 10th of July.


The Resilient Conservation Research Group led a workshop, as part of the SCCS - Australia, on essential networking skills. Scientific conferences are a key part of academic and research life, they are places where we can see cutting edge science, develop new collaborations, and make long-lasting professional and personal relations. However, to the up-and-coming conservation science students, these places can be a little intimidating, and lack of key skills may preclude them from taking full advantage of them. Hence, this workshop was designed to provide practical tips on how to effectively network at conferences and other career-oriented social settings. For more information, contact Dr. Duan Biggs (d.biggs[at]

Abigail Brown (left), Hubert Chueng (right), and Duan Biggs delivered a half day workshop on networking skills at the Student Conference on Conservation Science - Australia on 8th July, 2019.